Imagine a playground that could fit into the green landscape. Think of grass or dirt under those children’s feet, and leaves above them. Picture play equipment that doesn’t trap the heat of the sun. Imagine children playing outside, climbing a jungle gym made of wood or rock that can’t poison the surrounding soil when it rains, as plastic does.


Overcrowding is less fun for everyone. Alpha Spa & Pool wanted to create a “Kids  Zone” (pool and playground) in the far east corner of their property whit the idea to avoid overcrowding the area around the main building. Although the idea was great, at that time the summer season was in less then 2 months and there was not enough time to build both, so they asked us to design just the kids playground area.


The initial plan was to work swiftly and use standard playground equipment out of the shelf. But during the process we recognized that similar experience was offered in near by hotels and guests houses and that similar design approach will not benefit our clients business. Although time was very limited, we decided to present a different idea that did not match the client brief – Playground with Natural materials.


Alpha Spa & Pool embraced the idea at first sight. They managed to find and deliver wood logs based on our draft estimations on non specific designs. The logs were quit bigger in radius than we anticipated and we decided that the only way we can pull that project is if we design on place. Alpha Spa & Pool provided a small local construction team who turned out to be most helpful and resourceful.


With solid concept ideas in mind, and more of an improvised session on the construction site based on the evening’s vibe designs, we managed tackle the project in less than 3 weeks. Following this two-month run, we cemented our long term partnership with Alpha Spa & Pool. They exposed to us their general concepts and future plans of business development. This highlights a level of trust that we’re incredibly proud of, and we look forward to standing by Alpha Spa & Pool’s side as they continue to thrive.